Vos2k volcanic inventory

Here we present the data published in the paper:

Veres A.N., Ekaykin A.A., Golobokova L.P., Khodzher T.V., Khuriganowa O.I., Turkeev A.V. A record of volcanic eruptions over the past 2,200years from Vostok firn cores, central East Antarctica. – Frontiers in Earth Science, 2023, 11, 1075739, 1-12, doi: 10.3389/feart.2023.1075739.

The file contains the raw ECM profiles from the Vostok (central Antarctica) firn cores VK16, VK18 and VK19 (depth up to 70.2 m), SO4 data from VK16, sulfate peaks inventory (the same as in Table 1 in the paper), as well as the depth-age scale from 0 to 70.2 m.

The data can be downloaded here: